Antonio 'Hitman' EdwardsAntonio Edwards is a native of Norfolk, Va. with a regular high school diploma. After graduating from high school and with a passion for music production, Antonio decides to take his music career to another level while on the side working a 40 + hour a week dead end job. Working in the corporate world full‐time, making music tracks on the side and song writing for artists part‐time was just enough to keep the bills paid and food on his table. He knew this was getting him nowhere, at least working for someone else 40 + hours a week.

Four years after graduating from high school is where he quit is hard working 9‐5 and took his music production company, Prolific Productions full throttle. “No more working for some else” thought Antonio, “I want to become a business owner”…..

Four years later after quitting the “corporate world” and breaking the ice of becoming a business owner with his own music production company, Antonio decides to launch his own real estate investing business, Prolific Properties, LLC. Within months after launching his own real estate investing company, Antonio landed him his first real estate deal which was more on one check than what he was making selling tracks to major artist.

Now a full time real estate investor, Antonio went ahead and flipped 23 deals his first year in real estate. With the right drive, positive attitude, focus, and vision, Antonio feels any body can accomplish what they want. You can’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams and you must take ACTION for results. Antonio is visionary and strives to improve other people around him…..

“I’m not a guru, but I can show you how to pick up a check at closing” :‐D

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