A lot things have changed in the world of modern business and entrepreneurship.

The internet alone has revolutionized the way we conduct our respective businesses. Take real estate investing for an example.

Nowadays, you don’t need to go out and knock on doors in order to find sellers, buyers and lenders – every facet of the deal-making process can already practically be done virtually over the net.

You can close multiple deals simultaneously even without having to meet with either the seller or the buyer in person.

Heck, you don’t even have to go see the house you’re trying to sell! :-)

But if there’s one aspect of entrepreneurship that hasn’t changed, it’s the need for an effective coach. The following is just a short list of essential concepts a coach or mentor will be able to help you immensely with:

Goal-setting – a coach can help you set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based). It’s not enough that your goal is “to be successful” or “to be rich”. A coach is able to help you get clear on what being successful or being rich specifically means to you and thus formulate goals you can actually set out for and accomplish.

Formulating an Action Plan – it is not enough that you set goals – it is equally, if not more, important to devise a clear plan of attack on how the goal will be realized. A coach can help you create and layout the steps you need to take in order for you to achieve your goals.

Accountability – a system of checks and balances also needs to be put in place if one is to be truly successful. This is something a coach is most effective in. A coach will be able to hold you accountable for meeting deadlines, taking necessary steps, learning new things and practically every single thing you have set out in your action plan. After all, if no one’s there to kick your butt when you’re starting to slack off, chances are, your goals will remain the same – just goals.

Positive Reinforcement – we also need someone to tell us we’re doing a good job. One can never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement. A pat on the back, an encouraging word, or anything that “celebrates” a job well done does wonders for one’s motivation and determination to see to it that goals are transformed into reality.

Leveling Up – a coach will also be responsible for your constant growth. A coach will help you set new and higher goals everytime your old ones have already been achieved. This way, you can be sure you are always growing and your professional development is at a constant upward trend.

No matter what business you’re in, you will be able to do more and achieve more if you have a coach or mentor by your side to guide you.

So, who’s your coach?
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4 Responses to “Got A Coach?”

  • kendra canty:

    Hello Antonio
    I purchased your Mastermind Wealth Club program but havent been able to get any responses or coaching. I need some advice on a contract I have. Need to get this property sold fast. Please contact via email or leave a response to this message. Thanks for your time.

  • I am buying homes in the Sacramento county area. I have seen a couple of your videos and do like them. I am hoping more sellers go to my new website at

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  • Dustin Kurszewski:

    Hey I purchased your first deal made easy system a few weeks ago. I have not made I deal yet and would like a full refund.

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