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Check out this video below. In the video I explain how the mind is the KEY to your success in real estate investing. If you want to make money in real estate, or accomplish anything, you MUST believe first.

Without the mind, your physical body cannot take action!!!

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Enjoy the video

12 Responses to “Its All in Your Mind to make money in Real Estate Investing”

  • Great video, very motivational and inspiring. It’s all a mind thing, you are what you think!

  • Hi Hitman,
    I feel you. I’m trying to get into wholesaling in the Queens/Brooklyn area in NY. I have a nice buyers list, just trying to find the homes, and sellers. Its not easy when you are new at this stuff.


  • Sherwood Fausto:

    I’d like to add a quote from Brian Swimme (Physicist), which I’ve got in the first of a five part series on Creative Intelligence which is kicking off on Monday:

    • collection agency is the only other one that comes to mind.btw, you muenndsrstaid factoring. factor buys receivables subject to conditions from importer or maker of product ["client"] where the buyer is an established retailer or distributor ["customer"]. retail sales are not intended and usually excluded from the agreement.the factor advances a fixed percentage of the gross invoices against the future payment by the customers. for a well run manufacturer, this is on the order of 90 to 92 percent.factor frequently has the right to approve the credit of buyers and may only advance funds on invoices to approved buyers. the deal will require that all sales be submitted to factor.any client caused return invoices [mismanufacture, warranty, shipping error, etc.], or invoices not paid because the goods are returnable if not sold [common in some industries], will have the same percentage withheld from the payment for the next outgoing shipmentsafter the net due date on invoices has passed [usually by 30 days], the client receives the balance between the advances and the calculated amount due [net sales times agreed percentage -- frequently in the 95 percent range if terms are net 90 days].the seller isn’t guaranteed’ to receive funds from all sales only from those the factor accepted the credit on, and then only if there are no returns.in the case of internet sales where credit checking would be impractical [although factors have been computerized for decades]; no factor would likely want the business. that’s where credit card sales become critical.

    • Your posting is absolutely on the point!

    • Darcy, yes, once that happens, retoobing isn’t going to fix it. Your options would be to restore your last good backup made prior to the problem occurring, or getting your file repaired.Thanks for the note.

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    • Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G!

    • Way to use the internet to help people solve problems!

    • Could you write about Physics so I can pass Science class?

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