Hey All,

Here below is a video shared with great content on how to sell your properties to your city development!!!
This is some POWERFUL content shared, so don’t sleep on this video. Real estate investing is a lucrative
business and if you want to make good profits, sometimes you have to be different and creative to
become a top real estate investor in your market place.

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2 Responses to “Let your city be your CASH BUYER for your properties!!!”

  • Hey Antonio,

    I was wondering how can I find out what the city is buying (like what department or office) ??? So does the city/county use a real estate buyer agent to find houses ?

    (just curious: why does the city buy the houses for ?

    • In my experience they do not use an agent, they will send letter to the areas they are interested in as well as knock on doors. The key is to find out where they want to buy before they start this process.

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